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There are six types of ginseng including Korean ginseng that belong to the Araliaceous family. The shape of roots and its origin are as follows.

Name (Scientific Name) No. of leaves Root appearance Origin
 Korean ginseng (Panax ginseng C.A. Mayer) 5 Human Korea, Manchuria
 American ginseng (Panax quinquefolium L.) 5 Corn Eastern part of North America
 Samchil (Panax notoginseng Burkill) 7 Small carrots Ayunnan (China)
 Bamboo ginseng (Panax japonicum C.A.Meyer) 5 Similar to the bamboo roots Japan, Ayunnan (China)
 Dwarf ginseng (Panax trifolius L.) 3 Sphere Eastern part of North America
 Himalayan ginseng(Panax pseudoginseng Wall.) 5 Bulb Nepal

Ginseng is divided into fresh ginseng that keeps its whole appearance intact, red ginseng and white ginseng. The classification based on processing methods is as follows.

Name Processing
 Red ginseng  Steamed and dried six year old ginseng. It appears yellowish brown or light red brown.
 Fresh ginseng  Peeled fresh ginseng or sun drying or heating ginseng with its peel intact.
 White ginseng  Laminate and dry fresh ginseng.
 Unpeeled dried white ginseng  One of white ginsengs. It is non-laminated, dried white ginseng.
 Dried white ginseng  Non-laminated white ginseng. Dry white ginseng after soaking in water for 10 to 20 minutes
 at 80 ~ 90
 Chunsam  Highest quality of red ginseng
 JIsam  Medium quality of red ginseng
 Yangsham  Low quality of red ginseng
 Straight ginseng  White ginseng with lateral roots unfolded
 Semi-curved ginseng  White ginseng with lateral roots bent toward the body
 Curved ginseng  White ginseng with lateral roots and tails bent before processing
 Fine ginseng roots  Dried find or lateral roots detached or removed from the body when picking or processing
 Honey-dipped ginseng  Sliced ginseng dipped in honey or sugar